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Lokesh started the work of Alfa in 2005 with lifelong friend JahidMakrani. In 2006 he worked actively with his village and decided to undergo the registration process to make ALFA Educational Society official. There were many struggles starting a local NGO. Few people appreciated the work he was trying to accomplish in his hometown. Lokesh previously worked with Seva Mandir where he gained most of his knowledge on the operations of a successful and sustainable NGO. Lokesh is also involved in his community Panchayat and has implemented many successful activities in the name of Alfa in the Karawara community.



Manisha is Lokesh's wife. She is taking care of Village Spirit Academy, the school incorporated by ALFA. She is the Principal as well as teacher of the school. She is making sure that the education given to children is just and equal for all. Along with her daughter she manages the management and other works of school.



Naresh joined ALFA in 2012 and is the senior most and experienced member in the organization. He has been associated with different NGOs in the past and had gained a tremendous experience working with young people. He is currently working in ALFA as a Program and Field Coordinator where he is responsible for looking after the program on Youth development and related activities. He is the one of the best community field worker ALFA has ever seen and everyone in the organization loves to interact with him to gain and learn about the village culture, problems and challenges. Naresh loves listening to the music and likes to spend his free time talking to the community members and getting to know more about them.

Name: Mohan Ahari

Position: Youth Facilitator

Mohan comes from the neighbouring village where ALFA is based and is very dedicated towards encouraging and ensuring the participation of tribal youth in the local governance, working on tribal rights and runs a youth centre in his community. He believes that education can really change the world and has motivated many young people in his village to continue their education and go for the higher studies. He is a role model for young people of his and other connected villages. He had worked for around three years now in the social sector and has a passion of working for young people. He is always willing to learn from other people and is really focused on issues and challenges related to tribal society. He loves reading newspaper and interacting with people coming from different cultures.

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March 2020

Help Our School Look Like One
"Tumhari class ye he vo nahi idhar dhyan do" (Concentrate here, that class is not yours, this is) - Munish Khan, a teacher in Village Spirit Academy, Karawada, Rajasthan. Children from several nearby villages come to our school in the hope of getting a quality education. As the people living here mostly do farming and labor work, due to which they aren't able to take proper care of the education of their children. The students in these ...

March 2020

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November 2013

Going on Seven month long MY SPACE:
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