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Vision of ALFA

To recognize, support and empower young people to act, make their own decisions and thereby influence change in their communities.

Mission & Overview

  • Break down cultural barriers and create religious, social and political unity in Udaipur district.
  • Broaden the minds of the community through education and facilitate leadership among the       youth
  • Facilitate active participation in the local Panchayat
  • Educate and sensitize community members about gender based violence
  • Create active and thoughtful youth citizens in the community

Latest News

March 2020

Help Our School Look Like One
"Tumhari class ye he vo nahi idhar dhyan do" (Concentrate here, that class is not yours, this is) - Munish Khan, a teacher in Village Spirit Academy, Karawada, Rajasthan. Children from several nearby villages come to our school in the hope of getting a quality education. As the people living here mostly do farming and labor work, due to which they aren't able to take proper care of the education of their children. The students in these ...

March 2020

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November 2013

Going on Seven month long MY SPACE:
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